Radio Tele Ginen


Radio Tele Ginen is a broadcasting station that is very popular in Haiti. It signed on in the air first time in 1994. Radio Tele Ginen runs transmission on AM band. People from Haiti can watch its programming on Channel 18 Live. It uses 1030 AM frequency as well as 92.9 FM (Stereo). This radio channel lives broadcasting its essential features that consist of the latest video updates of News, events related to culture as well. This channel is the first mean for cultural, political as well as sports news. It also broadcasts local music for its listeners. Its broadcasting is available on the internet for its live streaming.

Programs of Radio Tele Ginen AM 1030:

The famous shows of Radio Ginen are Nouvel Douvanjou, Nouvel nan bon ti mamit, Nouvel TIC TAC Semen nan, Nouvel tout peyi, Place aux jeunes, Podium Compas live interview, Police Population, Population Societe, Radyo Ginen Agriculture, Rasin Ginen, Sport debat lignes, Sport News, Touris Lakay, Tradisyon tout lakou peyi Dayiti, 4 X 4 News, Anons Publik, Atis Lakay, Bati Ayiti istwa Educatio Civique, Bolero By Night, Circulation Pawol Chofe, Club Tropic Fusee D’or Internationale, and Collectivite Territoriales.

Radio Tele Ginen AM 1030

Some other programs are Compas Live music, Compas Tele Commande, Compas telecommande appels, Dimanche meditation, Early Mass Eglise Catholique, Early morning News, En Plein Stade, Football en directe, Ginen Actualites Magazin, Ginen Dizieme 10eme Diaspora D’Haiti, Ginen Horoscope & Variety, radio Ginen Sport, Jistis pou tout moun, Kat Sou Tab Jwet Pou Ou, Ki Agrikilti pou Ayiti nan mache lib Jodi, Meditation Hour of G, Municipalite, Music of Haiti, Musik Vodou, Musique D’Autrefois, and Natif Natal News.

Nearby Stations:

The stations nearly located to Radio Télé Ginen – AM 1030 are Radio Televizyon Lakay, Radio Planet Kreyol – FM 97.1, Fidelefm, Mélodie 103.3 FM, and Radio Metropole.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: #28, Delmas 31 Port-au-Prince Haïti
Phone number: (509) 2222-1818
E-Mail Address:
Official Website: