Radio Timoun 90.9 FM Haiti


Radio Timoun 90.9 FM is an audio broadcast channel that is located in Haiti. It runs on the FM band. This station uses 90.9 MHz frequency to run its programming. It provides News, Education, Technology, Culture, Information, Talks Shows, Business, Politics, lifestyle, Sports, Religious, and Instrumental music to entertain its audience.
This channel runs its transmission in the English language. It is also available on the internet for its online streaming.

Programs of Radio Timoun 90.9 FM Haiti:

The most popular shows of Radio Timoun FM 90.9 – Port-au-Prince are Newspaper, Invite of the day, Pale for Chanje, Jeni oswa literati Ayisyen, Ayiti yon peyi rich, Dekolonizasyon mantal, Viali Jean, Pot vwa Timoun, Randevou Pep La, Espanyol, Bultin Sport, Origin Haiti, Lekol Timoun, Vwa Timoun, Rendevou Maten Newspaper, Ann Aprann Konnen, and Spiritual Food.

Radio Timoun FM 90.9

Nearby Stations:

The stations located near to this radio station are Mélodie 103.3 FM, Radio Cemes, Radio Caraibes FM 94.5, Radio Tele Zenith – FM 102.5, and Radio VAYB FM.

Contact Details:

Physical Address: 26 Tabara, Blvd October 15, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Phone Number: (509) 2811-0409 / 2811-0410
(786) 267-9510
Official Website: