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Ishq 104.8 FM is an entertainment radio station which is quite popular in India. The headquarter of Ishq FM is located in Kolkata. The radio airs fun and lively content for its listeners. Founded by India Today Group, it is aired in many cities of India. The name of the Radio changed over time.

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Radio became a popular source of entertainment when advancements were made in the radio times. As there was no television, this was something new and exciting for the people. It had a significant impact on people. Being the only source of entertainment in the past, the radio industry was at its peak. Different types of radio programs were introduced as the competition increased between the Indian Radio Stations. This resulted in new and better quality radio programs, becoming a complete source of infotainment.

Ishq FM

History of Ishq FM

Initially, it was launched with the name Meow FM, by India Today Group. It is a radio division of Radio Today Broadcasting Ltd. The radio station aimed specifically for women, which was talk-based. It gained popularity in India due to its innovative content. The Radio Station was also advertised on buses in India. Its tag line was “ThoriMeethi, ThoriKhatty.” It was initially launched in Delhi, Kolkata, Amritsar, Shimla, Patiala, and Jodhpur.

From Meow FM to Oye! FM

The name of this radio station has been changed three times in total. Firstly, it was named as Meow FM. Then, in the coming years, the name was changed to Oye! FM 104.8. The tagline was also changed to Sabse Filmy. Before its target audience was women in particular, now they broadened their target audience and focused on bringing up more Bollywood based content. It started to produce more Bollywood related content like interviews with Bollywood celebrities and playing popular Bollywood love songs. With their success, its competitors increased.

Famous Shows

Following are the shows hosted at Ishq 104.8 FM
• Oye! Remote Control: It was based on television content

• Oye! Time Machine: It was a program based on playing and talking about old Bollywood songs.

• Oye! Love Stories: It shows love stories of Bollywood celebrities

Bollywood inspired TV Campaign

Ishq FM collaborated with Bollywood director Pradeep Sarkar and created TVCs. The TVCs were re-interpreted in ghazal format. Many hit Bollywood songs were reinterpreted like Sheila Ki Jawani, MunniBadnaam Hoi, and Bhaag DK Bose. It was a unique content created which became popular in India. It truly depicted the filmy theme.

Oye! FM giving the opportunity to become Film Stars
In 2014, Oye! FM launched a competition by the name “Oye! FM SunoFIlmstarBano”. It gave their listeners a chance to show their acting talent. Auditions were taken in which thousands participated. The best ones had to go through a finale and the winner won to be cast in the Bollywood movie “Love Story…Again”.

Oye! FM to Ishq FM

And again, the name of the channel changed from Oye! FM to Ishq FM. It was done to attract more listeners and built more sales and brand name. The target audience increased to 24 to 25 years old. Now, it has become filmier and Bollywood based.

New Features and Content:

The official website of Ishq FM will let you know how much they have grown. You can find different articles on their website which are on interesting topics like traveling, learning a new language, love issues and more.

Ishq FM Programs and their RJs

There is a wide variety of programs and talented RJs which keep you entertained around the clock. They are mentioned down below

RJ Shreya:

RJ Shreya hosts the show Love Lab which is aired from Monday to Friday from 11 pm till 3 am. You will hear all the love-related talks on this show.

RJ Sangy:

RJ Sangy hosts the show by the name Ishq Hangout. It is aired from Monday to Friday from 7 am till 11 pm. The show includes interviews with famous personalities

RJ Sam:

RJ Sam hosts the radio show Ishq Timeline from Monday to Friday from 11 am to 2 pm. It talks on hot topics of Bollywood, celebrates celebrity birthdays and more

RJ Meha:

RJ Meha hosts the radio show by the name Bookender in which she talks about money matters, speeches at award functions, interviews and more

RJ Gunjan:

RJ Gunjan hosts two radio programs at Ishq FM by the name Midnight Crush and Ishq Top 20. In Midnight Crush, she takes calls from people who want to share their feelings about their loved ones. In Ishq top 20, you will get you to listen to the top songs of Bollywood.

RJ Aditya

RJ Aditiya hosts the program by the name Sunday Sundowner at Sundays from 4 pm to 7 pm.

RJ Sarthak

Most Famous RJ Sarthak hosts Sarthak of house hangouts from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 11 am.

RJ Kabeer

RJ Kabeer hosts the radio show by the name Ishq Jukebox from Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm. He plays amazing playlists of jukebox songs


RJ Sidhaarat hosts IshqKhulKe on Saturdays from 7 am to 11 am. He will talk about all the top love stories of Bollywood celebrities

RJ Souvik

RJ Souvik hosts the show named as Confessions with Souvik. He takes messages and calls from listeners and discusses their issues with a consultant psychologist.

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This channel had made its journey to the peak. The name changed two times and gained popularity and success with every step they took. This radio station is pure entertainment in which people love it. Its content is unique which it’s plus point is. You will never get bored with this radio station.

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