Radio Khushi Telegu and Hindi


Radio Khushi the web radio was established for the people to collaborate coming from different communities. Here they can get to know about some real facts of society and educational learning. Also, they have a new vision to change the world and make it a better place to live. It also works for the upliftment of the people and their fundamental rights. So it works for connecting and building a strong network by presenting their ideas in front of the public through seminars and informative sessions.

They organize various shows and programs where they talk about science and technology, sports, travel, and other issues of social concern. It is much more sensible and always worth giving a try to listen to live streaming sessions which the Radio Khushi organizes for people out there. This is one of the most effective manners to introduce common people with some good things and to make them aware of the bad stuff.

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There are many competitors who run with the same concept. Gyan Vani, My FM., Akashvani, Teluguone, etc. are also on the same list. But Radio Khushi has successfully established a reputed name for its unique programs and ideas.


Radio Khushi

Background of the Radio Khushi

It was launched with the concept that was derived by the Principal head of a school located in Mussoorie who is ideally the proprietor of setting up this radio channel. This Channel also worked with the aim of giving students and youth an excellent platform for reaching the roots of society’s issue and understands them thoroughly. It will ultimately lead to creating awareness and awaken people for holding their responsibility and make them participate in many social activities through online streaming.

Popular Programs and Shows Organized by the Radio Khushi

The most popular shows that are being broadcasted regularly are “Zindagi issi ka Naam Hai.” “Pahaad Bachao, Paryavaran Bachao,” “Mussoorie ki awaaz,” “Aao Jeelein Zara” etc.

These programs come up with some really good ideas making the youth realize the real value of the Indian society and also about the context.

They should be aware of their fundamental right, which is being discussed in these shows. There are even public programs which are conceptualized by the team working for the radio channel, and these are also guided by the suggestions given by the radio jockeys that are working with them. Even many other outdoor clubs of different communities and social welfare organize a few programs where they give and take short messages for the people about social issues.

There was also a program held for banning the polythene material which was done by campaigning and advocating over it. Also, this channel works for making the people motivated for participating in doing good deeds such as blood donations, helping poor and underprivileged in their studies, saving water and electricity.

Helping Team Members with Fund and Other Services

The Radio Khushi has some great funding schemes that are given to the in-house working team members according to their performance. It also provides students who are looking for doing courses in radio-jockeying and development of content.