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The NDTV 24X7 Radio India is a station with its primary focus on current affairs and other news. In so many occasions, the news is mostly delivered in the English language, and the station is known to be available 24 hours each day. The radio station is situated in New Delhi, India.

This radio station is known for the production of an excellent news magazine known as the world this week. It encompasses all areas of entertainment news in Doordarshan.

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Before 1980, the stations were managed and controlled by the government while the private individuals were not allowed to own these stations. The NDTV 24X7 Radio India was established by a professor of economics known as Prannoy Roy. His family is well known to enhance the privatization of radio stations in India. They help stand between the masses and the government.

Two programs made the station famous. They are; the fall of the Berlin Wall and Tiananmen Square. The radio station as time went had to do some coverage for BBC and CNN. With the high level of labor input into the system, there was a record of massive success from the enterprise.

In 1989, the station was able to provide a proper analysis of the general elections, and in 1989, it became the first nation to telecast the ‘tonight’ program in the region.

NDTV 24X7 Radio



There was a need for joint partnerships with the STAR commissions, and the NDTV 24X7 Radio India was given the mandate to provide information to STAR commissions continuously. This was in 1996. Therefore the general election analysis in 1998 was done in conjunction with the STAR commissions. The commission soon gained more grounds in India and even more connections with bigger companies such as CNN and BBC radio.

It should be noted that while the star commissions made more waves, the NDTV 24X7 Radio India was the major source of the news both in Hindi and English language. With this coalition, both companies were able to benefit for each other as the STAR commissions linked up with higher news channels while NDTV 24X7 Radio India got to meet more affluent people.
The partnership had to die off owing to some issues arising from the leadership of both companies. NDTV had some problems with the government especially the case of the 2002 Gujarat riot. This harmed their profile and reduced their relevance in the industry.

The Aftermath of the Partnership

After the failed partnership, the station was left with no other option but to set up a new station for delivering news content to the populace. This was because the star commission was not willing to hand over full control of editorial services to NDTV. Therefore, each of the stations had to strive for survival on their independent survival. The STAR commission was only able to broadcast information only on the local Hindi language. After the coalition with the commission, a new avenue was opened for partnership with Sony. This gave NDTV a better platform to conduct their business.

The listeners of this Indian radio station only experience a level of decrease in listeners population when they have issues with NDA and BJP. This resulted from a sensed biased on the part of the company. This has a negative effect on their profitability. With these experiences, the company has sought ways to maintain its position of relevance among many competitors. This is the reason its leadership of the company is noticed to have improved its efforts over the years. In 2005 the company decided to venture into something new. This birthed the NDTV profit which had its principal focus on business news.

Distribution Network

The radio has been able to expand its coverage as time passed. It now has centers in Canada, the U.S, South Africa, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. It was able to achieve this with the help of several satellite operators such as DirecTV and Sky. Another partnership was also ventured into by the company with a 20 percent stake. This other party which was a division of Kuala Lumpur’s Astro All Asia Network had a larger share of the remaining 80 percent. In 2006, the company had a significant push in terms of its service delivery. It was able to launch its a Bahasa-language channel in Indonesia known as Astro Awani.

Some of the major awards of the company include the Asian television award in 2005. It was recognized as the best English news station, and in 2006, it also bagged the award for the best English news channel from the Indian academy awards with these achievements. We can boldly say that the NDTV 24X7 Radio India is on track and with the efforts and input techniques used by the management of the corporation, we can say that there are more possibilities of higher heights.

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