Bestfriend FM


Bestfriend FM is a famous radio in Saudi Arabia. In 2014 it was on-air for the first time. It provides online streaming for the listeners; one can listen to it in any corner of the world. It aims to provide a good collection of adult contemporary.

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Format of Programming:

Old and new songs are played on this channel. This channel is famous among the youth; the reason for its popularity is the format of programming. The format of programming is a blend of music, information, and entertainment. The team of radio bestfriend works hard with many innovative and different ideas to make their services best. It broadcasts its transmission live from Riyadh Saudi Arabia. On the official website of it, this station also provides a service of suggestions and queries of their listeners to improve their programming style.

bestfriend fm

Language: It provides programming in the Arabic language.
Genre: adult contemporary/entertainment.

Programs of Bestfriend FM:

Following is a list of famous programs of bestfriend radio.
Music Jam and Danze: This show is one of the most popular programs played on it. This show is all about songs and dance, Dj Khenji is the host of this show.
The host of this show is Dj Humps. It is a show which is full of joy and laughter. This show is famous for prank calls.
Mix Music Beats: Dj joseph hosts the show, this is all about the music and music updates.
Request Express: with Dj LANZ, this is a chit chat show.

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Contact Details:

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Official Website:
Twitter: @BestfriendFM