Holy Quran Radio


Holy Quran Radio (إذاعة القران الكريم) is a religious radio channel of Saudi Arabia. In English name of this radio is translated as “Holy Quran Radio.” King of Saudi Arabia Faisal bin Abdulaziz directed the establishment of this station on March 16, 1972.

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Format of Holy Quran Radio:

It is concerned with the broadcasting Quran and its message. It provides 24-hour broadcasting, and out of it, 75% is broadcasting of the Quran. This radio provides authentic information and knowledge about Islam and guidance to spend life according to its teachings. This station has a fully organized and educated team. Islamic scholars and Sheikhs supervise every program. Listeners can learn the teachings of Islam through this channel. The format of programming is based on the recitation of the Holy Quran and the teachings of Islam.

Holy Quran Radio

There is also a segment of national and international news. It aims to spread the message of the Muslim’s Holy Book, the voice of truth, and the elucidation of the Quran. This station provides online streaming for its listeners all over the world. It has several frequencies in many cities in Saudi Arabia.
Language: Broadcast in the Arabic language.
Genre: Arabic/Religious.


On this channel principal constituent of broadcasting is the recitation. Some programs are also broadcasted which are as follows (the names of the following programs are translated in English).

Verses and Provision: Aqeel bin Abdulrehman prepares this program. In this program, a verse from the Holy Quran is selected in every episode. The purpose of this show is to discuss the morals and lessons from the verse.
With you on the air: It is a weekly show in this all events during a week are discussed. Specialists and experienced people provide updates about events.
Light on the path: It is a 30 minutes program. In this program, scholars are invited, and they answer the questions asked by listeners. Abdulaziz bin Baz and Mohammad Alothaimeen hosted this show for many years, but recently some other hosts are hired.
Question on the Phone: It is a 30-minute program in which listeners call on a given contact number and ask questions from Islamic scholars. This show is broadcasted every Wednesday.

Contact Detail:

Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
Official Website: http://quran.sr.sa/