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UFM Radio is a famous radio channel of Saudi Arabia. This radio provides a unique way of entertainment for listeners. People can enjoy sports news and music on it. This channel is most popular among young listeners because it targets the interests of youngsters. People can listen to this channel online and at different frequencies in Saudi Arabia.

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They provide large coverage in the country. It is the first radio in the country which provides national and international news, entertainment, social news. Its programs are based on social topics, sports, tourism, technology news, motivational, health and fitness, and information.

Language: This channel provides programming in the Arabic language.
Genre: Pop music/entertainment/sports.

UFM Radio 90

Programs of UFM Radio 90:

This channel is famous due to its unique format of programming, which mostly targets youth of the country. Following is the list of some popular programs broadcasted at UFM radio.

Coffee Time:

It is a morning cultural program. In this, they aim to provide a complete discussion on different topics of interest of the listeners like trade and industry, cultural, arts, sports, media, and youth. There is a segment of daily surprises and information which make the show entertaining and enjoyable.

Qol Raayak:

This is a very entertaining program. In these programs, many sports stars, artists and singers are invited. This show is full of comedy clips and laughter.


It’s a poetry show, as Arabians are famous for their poetry and memory. This show is renowned among listeners for the collection of poetry. This program not only provides poetry but also poetry contest and poetry stories.


This is a special sports program. In this they discuss daily harvest in Saudi clubs and provide information about the rounds in which Saudi Arabia participated in all tournaments. For the sports lover, they provide sports information, analysis, and critics.

Gym wa Leyaqa:

This program is based on health and fitness information. Many trainers and specialists are invited to this show and provide complete information about maintaining health through exercise, food choice, daily routine activities, and strength training.

Deal Click:

Provides all technology-based information. Discuss the advancement in the world’s technology and the use of technology.


Program all about Tourism.

It provides information to its listeners about different areas of the kingdom. They take interviews of people and give information on the atmosphere, festivals, food, culture, and beauty of that particular area.

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Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
E-mail address: info@ufmradio.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ufmradio
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