SLBC Radio


SLBC (Sinhala National Service) is a broadcasting radio station situated in Colombo, Sri Lanka. It on-airs its transmission by using 91.7 / 91.9 MHz frequency (FM) in the Sinhala language 24 hours a day. It provides entertainment, information, education, social, cultural, economic development shows, news, and a variety of music. People can reach the station through its official link and also can participate via social media.

Programs of SLBC Radio Sinhala National Service FM 91.7 / 91.9:

FM designed uniquely, and the quality showed that it meets the audience’s demands and delighted them. Some of the famous shows are අවදි ඇමතුම, අද වගේ දවසක, උදේ සුළඟ, ක්ලැසික් රන්, දිවා ආහාර වේලාව සංගීතය, and රට සැණකෙළිය.

City FM 89.6

Contact Details:

Address: Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka
Address: Tel: +94 1 2696329
Fax: +94 1 2695488
Email ID:
Official Website: