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Sooriyan FM is the first private radio station airing live from Colombo, Sri Lanka. It began to broadcast its transmission in 1998 July 25th and owned by ABC (Asian Broadcasting Corporation) Radio Networks. Hiru FM LK is its sister station. It airs its transmission by using FM 103.4 & 103.6 MHz frequency 24 hours a day in the Tamil language. Sooriyan radio is very rich in its program content, which plays contemporary music, news, information, entertainment, and Tamil songs. According to the latest independent listenership survey conducted recently covering the entire country, Sooriyan FM is the number one Tamil channel. It also a multi-awarded station due to its innovative program strategy and updated news. You can listen to it worldwide via live streaming and can be part of FM through social media.

Sooriyan FM Live Programs:

People love to listen to Sooriyan FM News Tamil and Sooriyan FM News alert in Tamil.

Monday to Friday

Reengaram – 03.00AM – 05.00AM
Arunothayam – 05.00AM – 06.45AM
Sooriya Raagangal – 07.00AM – 10.00AM
PMIsaichamar – 10.00AM – 01.00
Lunch Time Request – 01.00PM – 03.00PM
Kummalam – 03.00PM – 05.00PM
Endrenrum Punnagai – 05.00PM – 08.45PM
Idhayathodu Idhayam – 09.00PM – 12.00MN

Sooriyan FM 97.0

Saturday Programs

Viluthukal – Political Interview
Cine Chilax
Top 20 Thanga Thenmazhai
Kalakkala Salasala
Ithayam Pesukirathu
Kooththu Pattarai
Kaaviya Alaigal
Musical Express

Saturday Programs

Sunday Uthayaraagankal
Petti Kadai
Reel Ithuvera Level
Ponmaalaip Pozhuthu
Polaam Right


Yasho, Giritharan, Rimsan, Mathan, Anushan, Senthooran, Fresha, ARV Loshan, Manoj, Chandru, Menaka, Nishanthan, Dayani, Castro, Brunthakan, Dilan, Gobigaa, Ramesh, Prashanth, Mayooran, and Varshey are the famous and honorable presenters of the station.

SLBC Tamil

Contact Details:

Address: 35th Floor, East Tower, World Trade Center, Colombo 01, Sri Lanka
Contact Number: +94 112 686 670
Whatsapp: 0772 103 103
Fax: +94 112 686 670
Email ID:
Official Website: