Sun FM 98.9 / 98.7


Sun FM is a broadcasting radio station airing live from Colombo, Sri Lanka. It started to broadcast its transmission on 1st July 1998 under the management of Asian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) Private Limited. Gold FM, Star Tamil Radio, Hiru FM, Sooriyan FM, and Shaa FM are its sister stations. Sun FM on-airs its transmission on 98.9 MHz frequency in Colombo, Kandy, Gongala, Gammaduwa, Kikiliyamana, and 98.7 MHz frequency Minuwangala, Hunnasgiriya, Jaffna.

Sun FM covers all parts of the country with the slogan “Hit After Hit, All Day.” It is a top-rated English radio in the country as the latest Listenership survey. It works hard to provide healthy entertainment, updated information, news, and a variety of music to its loyal and massive listeners. Due to its mesmerize and unique broadcasting style, it is a multi-awarded radio channel in Sri Lanka. If you want to listen to Sun FM online than stay tuned with us.

Programs of Sun FM 98.9 / 98.7:

Sunrise – 6 AM to 10 AM – Monday to Friday
A special morning show that contains a lot of prizes, surprises, and unexpected humour.

Sun FM 98.9 / 98.7

Office Blocks – 10 AM to 2 PM – Monday to Friday
A requested show in which DJs plays the listeners’ demands as well as on-air good mix music with What’s Hot and What’s not.

On the Edge – 2 PM to 5 PM – Monday to Friday
A unique show that contain a good dose of music, tips and tricks, life hacks, light-hearted infotainment, eyebrows are raising stories, and a lot of madness that delighted the listeners who spend the strict and busy day.

Sun Drive – 5 PM to 8 PM – Monday to Thursday
Drive time show full of fun, interactive topics, traffic updates, and energize the listeners through hot music and loads of unexpected humour, no meter where you’re and what you’re doing.

Hot Mix on Sun FM Live:

8 PM to 12 AM – Monday to Thursday
A unique music show plays all kinds of hits, mix, and tropical music for its audience.

Request Thursday – 6 AM to 8 M – Thursday
An exciting requested show that plays the listeners’ demands and dedicates tracks to someone special and your entire squad.

Outta Control – 12 AM to 6 AM – Monday to Friday
Long, late-night, driving home, and work late, this show is for you with the hottest hits that keep you awake for six hours.

Backtrack Sensation – 6 AM to 8 PM – Wednesday

Sun FM Club Hopping – 5 PM to 8 PM – Friday and Saturday
A back-to-back music show plays a hot mix and all kinds of music with no breaks, just like in the club.

Butterfly Effects – 6 AM to 10 AM – Saturday
Start your weekend with a perfect blend of amazing music, hot gossips, and a lot of positivity.

Sun Hot 40 – 10 AM to 2 PM – Saturday
Slow Flow Sunday – 6 AM to 12 AM – Sunday

On-air Staff:

Kidd West, Jedd, DC, Zak Wyld, Zara, Jessie, Sasha, Nash, Skyler, Ellie, and Mike.

Contact Details:

Address: 35th Floor, East Tower, World Trade Center, Colombo, Sri Lanka
Contact Number: 94112346888
WhatsApp: 0772 989 989
Email ID:
Official Website: