Mix Radio 102.1

The Mix Radio 102.1 station is available in the Bahamas. It works using 102.1 MHz frequency. It is known as “Grand Bahamas’ hit station.” This channel provides music format only which included hit songs, Caribbean music, R&B, and hip hop. The broadcast reaches to the whole community through live streaming. It beams out songs and other programming in the English language. It works 24/7 hours throughout the week.

Live Streaming for this Channel is Currently Unavailable.

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Mix FM is commercial radio. It advertises different products of people for business purposes. This station is a local private channel in the region. It targets young people. Who are in the age of 15 years to 30 years. The purpose of the radio is to motivate the young generation. The melodious songs fill them with spirit. And it relaxes them from a hectic life routine. Also, fast songs in which radio airs reduce their depression and anxiety. The network has more than a million followers on Facebook, and many others on other websites.

Mix Radio 102.1

Competitors of Mix Radio 102.1:

Many other radios of Bahamas are the competitors of Mix FM. Like ZNS, Guardian FM, Trinity, Love, Joy, Island, etc., and many others.

Contact Details:

Physical address: RND Plaza West Suite # 2 Freeport, Bahamas
Phone number: +1 242-374-1021
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Mix-1021-FM-125163100832559/
Twitter id: https://twitter.com/Mix102