Johor FM 101.9


Johor FM Permata Selatan is a Broadcast radio station based in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and operated by Radio Television Malaysia. Frequency varies on its region, but at Johor Bahru, it utilizes 101.9 MHz to broadcast its transmission In the Malay Language. Its sister stations are Asyik, Bintulu, and IKIM. The program format of this radio is local news, talk, contemporary hit, and Malaysian Music.

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History of Johor FM 101.9:

The station began its transmission on 2 June 2005, 14 years ago. The former name of radio was Radio Malaysia Johar and Radio 3 Johar Bahru. On 7 November 1963, for the first time Johar radio went on air on AM and 30 August 1988, it went on air on FM stereo. 20 October 1988, it was split into two radio stations, such as FM stereo radio transmission led by FM stereo Johar Bahru and Radio Malaysia Johar Bahru began its old AM 821 kHz. 1 January 1994, Sultan Iskander broadcasting complex take the FM stereo Johar Bahru. 2 June 2005, Radio Malaysia johar changed its name Johar FM.

Johor FM 101.9


The famous presenters of this FM are Jeeha, Azura Pedora, KJ, Suzie, Nurrulista, Saufi Nawawi, Sunlight, Shamito, Che Rose, Ms. Red, and Lily Khalid.


Famous programs are

Hello Johor:
(6:00 AM to 10: 00 AM)
The program features are Popular and contemporary songs, news, traffic report, general topic, YB talk, sports news, and current events.

Permata 10-2
(10 AM to 2 PM)
The program contains contemporary and fresh songs (the 80s – 90s), information on health, language, and guest from department and agencies.

Yok Ngeteh
(2 PM to 5 PM)
A unique program provides up to date songs with entertainment and also provided recorded programs and dedicate speaker delivery speeches.

5:00 PM to 8: 00 PM
The segment consists of fresh, retro, and international Music. Target listeners of this segment are over the age of 30 and interact through live calls and social media. It also broadcast information related to religious, spiritual, and motivational programs to inspire listeners towards good deeds.

Geng Malam
(8:00 PM to 12:00 PM)
The segment contains informative news exclusively for students and families.

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Contact Details:

Address: Johor Broadcasting Department, North Tasek Road, 80990 Johor Darul Takzim
Office: +607 224 5666
Fax: +607 224 5773
WhatsApp: + 6011-10197295
Email ID:
Official Website: