Radio Makwanpur FM 101.3


Radio Makawanpur is a community radio station that telecast its transmission from Makawanpur, Nepal. It was registered under the ministry of information and communication in 2008. It is a local community music channel that is very famous in all over the country for its quality programs. Its programs based on information, education, entertainment, fashion, sports, and a variety of music. It on-airs its transmission on 101.3 MHz frequency in the Nepali language. The main objective of the FM is to provide updated, quality, and real information to its listeners, meet their demand and connect them. People can listen to it worldwide through live streaming and can participate via social media. The channel is delightful for society.

Programs of Radio Makwanpur FM 101.3:

The main and most listened shows of the station are संगीत समर्पण, मकवानपुर खबर अपडेट, राशिफल, BBC NEPALI, खबरपत्र7, मकवानपुर सेरोफेरो, and खुल्दुली डट कम.

Radio Makwanpur FM 101.3

Famous Hosts:

The notable presenters of the FM are सम्झना रिजाल, विकल्प चौलागाईं, फुल महोमद, विक्रम बानिया क्षेत्रि, राजन दाहाल खुशराज, सुनु थिङ, धिरज थापा, शान्ति सुनार, सुनिल गौतम, कुमार अधिकारी, कुमार अधिकारी, राजन बिडारी, रेडियो मकवानपुर, and विजय पौडेल.

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Contact Details:

Address: Hetauda-2, Palpasa road, Makawanpur, Nepal
Contact Number: +977-057-526156, 526157
Official Website: