Aminci Radio Kano


AMINCI FM is an online radio station that runs its transmission from the city of Kano, Nigeria. Listeners can hear its transmission on 103.9 MHZ frequency. Its frequency runs on the FM band. The audience can hear its transmission in the English language. They enjoy its live streaming on its official websites and links.

Programming of Aminci Radio Kano 103.9 FM:

The essential features of this radio station consist of sports, education, and news. This radio station is live on the internet. It provides energy through sharing knowledge and relaxes people’s minds with music and some sports programs. AMINCI radio station plays songs all day for the community.

Aminci Radio 103.9 FM


The main aim of Aminci Radio Kano is to provide knowledge and entertainment. This radio station has a brilliant team for playing music and entertainment all over the day.

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Contact Details:

Address: No 2 independence road, Kano, Nigeria 700281
Phone: +234 9027272722
Coordinate: 120198539 85637006
Official Website: