Grace FM 95.5


The most listenable radio FM of Lokoja is Grace FM 95.5. The first time people of Lokoja state, Nigeria started to enjoy its official transmission in September 2012. Ownership of this radio is under the authority of Community Radio of Sun City Center. It is famous for spreading the good news of the Gospel of Jesus that is related to the Christian community. It plays songs and words about Christ.

It provides high-level music and programs. Radio 95.5 not only transmits music; rather, it also broadcasts sports programs and all types of news. The slogan of this channel is “Home to entertainment and Good Talk.”

Grace FM 95.5

Programs of Grace FM 95.5:

It is famous for more music, less talk. People of Lokoja state entertain 70’s but only classical Christian music. Its transmission consists of 24 hours every day in Sun City Centre. The features of this radio channel include urban music, Hip Hop, African music.

Famous Awards:

It won many awards that consist of Answers in Genesis M-F, Sun City center preacher M-W-F8 AM, Ask an attorney with Joe Pippen Saturdays 10 AM, Bill Gaither’s Homecoming Radio Saturdays 8 PM, an Unshackled Daily 7 PM.


The transmission of this radio runs in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

FLO FM 94.9

Contact Details:

Address: Rakiya Ogbeha Place, 35, Mount Patti Road, P.O.Box 92, Lokoja, Kogi
Grace FM Phone Number: 0805829838/23481644929244
Official Website: