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Radio Access Media Network (AMN) is an online, impartial and independent broadcasting radio station. Kimpact Development Initiative (KDI) owns the station. It is situated in Osogbo, Nigeria. It is famous for its distinctive and variety of programming contents. FM talks about statewide issues, policies, informative engagements, and development conversations. It also promotes democratic ideals around Nigeria and Africa. It shows citizen philosophy and integrity in Governance. FM team are truth seekers, storytellers, development experts, media professionals, designers, and IT experts.

So, the station’s mission is to engage, update, and empower listeners. It completes its mission with the help of Radio Access and Access 247 TV. It always tries best to deliver the best listening experience with the unbiased transmission. The channel slogan is “You, Democracy and Talks.” It has the power of audio, design, and technology. The expert analysis, podcasts, and talks show not to introduce what happened around the world; it also explains what’s the reasons and what it means to you. It also has a worldwide live streaming 24/7.

Radio Access

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It is an online TV station that broadcast and produce entertaining shows along with healthy information. The programs are full of challenges the acumen and curiosity that engage its viewers. These programs include Democracy talks, podcasts, news commentary, analysis, and talk shows. Its motto is “your frontline TV.”

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Address: 1 Aresa Close, Behind Union Bank, Gbodofon Area, Aregbe, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria
Phone: +234 813 4828 527/+234 813 9070 175
Official Website:

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