Radio Kwara Online


Radio Kwara Online / Midland 99 FM is an online radio station that runs its transmission from the city of Nigeria Ilorin. The audience can hear its transmission 99 MHZ frequency. Listeners can hear its broadcast through. They enjoy its live streaming through its official links and websites. The essential features of this radio station are entertainment and knowledge-based programs. This radio station transmits the Mediumwave meter band, Amplified modulation (AM), and Frequency modulation (FM) meter band. Midland 99 FM is on Six one-two kilohertz, Four – nine- zero meter, mediumwave band. It is a top-rated radio station in Ilorin. It signs on the air news, talk shows, and entertainment for the community. The station aims to provide entertainment for the youth.

Presenters And Staff:

Aremu Kayode Tajudeen is the General Manager of Midland radio. The Director of the Programs is Mrs. Tina Olaoye. Mrs. Yejide Shoba work as a Head of Presentation, Presenter, News Caster, Your Health. Mrs. Modupe Joel works as an Announcer, Presenter of Tomorrow Speaks. Lanre Kobe is the Announcer (FM), The Dialogue (AM). And Olusayo Kayode is the Announcer (FM), Monday Morning In Kwara (FM).

Programs of Radio Kwara Online:

Some famous programs of radio Kwara online are as under.
Hour of Power, Ounje Owuro, The issues, Oro Ree, Fast Track, The Platform, Monday Morning in Kwara, Top of the Hour News, Brands and Products, Awiye, Round the World at Noon, Iroyin Ojo Kanri, No Wahala, Onala, Ajere Owore, Moving Wheels Variety, National News, Iroyin Apappo, The Lounge, News Track, Awaniyo Aye, Oju Ojoro, Akoko Ipinu, Global Sports Update, Al-Miskat, Akinkaju Ode, News At Close Down, Hour of Power, Ounje Aro, The Beat, Rokeke, FRSC Calling, How Market, Ko Ma Lo Bee, Miliki Express, Changing Lives, Feminine Matters, How Una Dey, Family and Friends, Women in Islam, Mixed Rythms, Heart To Heart, Listeners Digest, Kiddies Health, Home Ride, Literacy By Radio, English Teacher, Truth Of The Gospel, Midweek Treat, etc.

Unique FM 103.1

Contact Details:

Physical Address: police road, GRA Ilorin
Phone Number: +2347061527660
Email ID:
Official Website: