Capital 95.8 FM


Capital 95.8 FM is a MediaCorp owned radio station based in Singapore. It broadcasts its content in the Chinese language; it also holds the feat of the biggest Chinese language radio station in the country.

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It founded on 1st June 1936. When it comes to airing content, Capital 95.8 airs local and international news content. Prior to 1989, it was the only Chinese language radio station in Singapore. After 1990 two of its sister channels YES 93.3 FM and love 97.2, also began to air programs in the same language.
On February 8th, 2017 Capital 95.8 took a downturn and stopped going on air; it was then when MediaCorp acquired it and took it aboard on the fleet of other radio channels of Singapore. This station moved from Caldecott Hill (it’s center from the beginning) to MediaCorp Campus (MediaCorp Headquarter).

Target Listeners of Capital 95.8 FM:

Its Targeted Audience is rather Linguist based than geographic. As being a Chinese language station, it is most popular among Chinese speakers in Singapore; however, it is not only confined to Singapore; outside Singapore, its targeted audience is the Chinese-speaking community of Malaysia and Indonesia alongside the Singapore Borderline.

Capital 95.8 FM

Major Competitors:

It is one of the most listened Channel and also the most listened Chinese News Radio Channel. Its major competitors are S.P.H. Radio and other Media Corp-owned stations. The reason behind its popularity that it offers its content in two Famous languages.

Famous Presenters:

Lui Lin Xuan
Koh Ee Sim
Foong Jian Bin Raymond
Qi Qi
Li Yi Sha
Pan Jia Biao
Lim Leng Kee
Huang Shu Jun
Zeng Sheng Lian
Liang Ping
Yeow Seng Yong

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939
Phone Number: +65 6691 1958
Office Number: +65 6691 1958
Whatsapp: 96233958
Fax Number: +65 6691 1958
Official Website: