Class 95 FM


CLASS 95 FM is a Singapore based radio channel that airs its content in the English Language. The biggest media communication firm in Singapore, the MediaCorp is the owner of this channel. It first aired in 1999 as an independent Radio channel in Singapore, and in April 2017, it was acquired by MediaCorp. Due to the acquisition, it had to move from One-North to MediaCorp campus Mediapolis.

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The channel’s content genre is Contemporary English music from the 1980s to this date. It has been airing such content for the past 30 years. Besides Contemporary music, Class 95 airs News as well. The news section is divided into two categories, one is the domestic affairs, and the other is the International Affairs. Alongside News, it also briefs its listeners about weather and traffic reports from Singapore.

Class 95 FM

With a whopping 800,000 weekly listeners, It is the most listened English radio channel in Singapore. According to the Nielson ratings, class 95 was crowned the number one position in Singapore in 2018, and since then, it has never been dethroned.

Famous Programs of Class 95 FM:

It has a long list of Programs and features throughout the week, and it’s tough to keep a track record of every one of it, so here is a list of the best Programs from each weekday. This list doesn’t represent any program from Weekend.


Muttons in the Morning, Lunch break with Yasmine Cheng, Music Marathon with Sophie Gollifer, Cartunes with Jean Danker, Love Songs with John Klass, and The Best Mix of Music.

Target Audience:

A mixed pack of both Chinese and English-speaking communities make up to its listening audience.

Famous Presenters:

Justin Ang (Muttons)
Vernon Anthonisz (Muttons)
Yasmine Cheng
Sophie Gollifer-Hanley
Jean Danker
John Klass
Yumiko Felicia Kayahara
Margaret Mary Lim (Maggie)
Shareen Wong
Philip Chew

Contact Information:

Physical Address: MediaCorp Campus, 1 Stars Avenue Singapore
Phone Number: +65 6691 1950
Office Number: +65 6691 1950
Fax Number: +65 6691 1950
Official Website: