Gold 90.5 FM


Gold 90.5 FM or famously known as Gold 905 is a MediaCorp owned radio channel based in Singapore. It is one of the initially founded radio channels of MediaCorp Group, which was neither purchased nor liquidated from another company.

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The Channel airs its content primarily in the English Language, a feat that also makes it one of the nation’s oldest English Radio channel alongside BBC Radio. Most of the content aired on Gold 905 is English music from the 1980s and 1990s. The Channel plays rock, jazz and country classics from the Baby Boomer age. However, like any other Radio channel, it also airs news headlines once 23 times in a day.

Famous Programs of Gold 90.5 FM:

The station’s famous programs are Musicals that “Sounds Good and Feels Good” from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

Gold 90.5 FM

It airs seven days a week, and the list of its famous programs from each day is given below.

6 AM – 10 AM: LIVE! With Mike, Vernetta & Gurmit
10 AM – 2 PM: Lunchtime Jukebox with Denise Tan
2 PM – 4 PM: Midday Fix with Catherine Roberts
4 PM – 8 PM: Homestretch with Chris Ho
8 PM – 12 AM: Nite Flite with Mr. X

Target Listeners:

The target listeners of FM are linguists based then geographic. It is the most listened English Radio channel in Singapore. Outside Singapore, its targeted audience is the English speaking community of Malaysia and Indonesia alongside the Singapore Borderline.

Major Competitors:

The Channel is currently the most tuned English radio channel in Singapore. Its major competitors are BBC Radio and SPH Radio. The reason behind its popularity that it offers its content in the English language.

Famous Presenters:

The Channel airs all along the week; therefore, there are many notable presenters associated with the Channel. The categories of the programs and presenters are divided into two based on the day they go on air. The first category is comprised of weekdays (Monday to Friday), and the second one is the weekend.

Monday to Friday Presenters

These are the famous prime time presenters that present their shows during the weekdays.
Mike Kasem
Vernetta Lopez
Gurmit Singh
Denise Tan
Catherine Robert
Chris Ho
William Xavier

Weekend Presenters

Both of the prime-time Weekend presenters are:
Brian Richmond
DJ Boy

Warna 94.2 FM

Contact Details:

Physical Address: MediaCorp Campus, 1 Stars Avenue Singapore
Phone Number: +65 6691 1905
Office Number: +65 6691 1905
Fax Number: +65 6691 1905
Official Website: