Love 97.2 FM


Love 97.2 FM is a Radio channel based in Singapore. The channel is owned by MediaCorp a Singapore based Telecommunication firm. Different owners owned it prior to its acquisition by MediaCorp. The station had halted its operation in 2017, and it was that time when MediaCorp purchased it.

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Most of its content is aired in the Chinese language, however not all of the Love 97.2’s content is in Chinese, some of it is in English. The channel airs adult contemporary music in the Chinese language, most of its content is vintage from the late 1980s and 1990s.

Love 97.2 FM

Famous Programs:

It airs throughout the whole week, and some of its famous programs from each day of the week are given below:
0700 – 1000 早安!玉建煌崇
Translated as: Good morning! Yu Jian Huang Chong
1000 – 1300 礼生活志
Translated as: LOVE
1300 – 1600 最爱 粉TASTIC
Translated as: Favorite TASTIC
1600 – 2000 江葱麻娜锅
Translated as: River Onion Mana Pot
2000 – 2300 OH夜!那么美莉
Translated as: OH night! So Melly

Target Listeners:

As being Based in Singapore, the primary targeted audience of this FM radio is Singapore general public and part of the Border areas of Malaysia and Indonesia.
Linguistically its targeted audience is the Mandarin-English-speaking masses.

Major Competitors:

The channel is one of the most tuned-in FM stations in Singapore. It is the most listened channel that airs its content in Classic Chinese Language music, however, because it also airs in English too so, its one of its major competitors are BBC Radio, SPH Radio and Media Corp.

Famous Presenters:

The following presenters and Jockeys grace love 97.2 FM, some of them present at the channel as part-timer jockeys.
Chen Bi Yu
Marcus Chin
Dennis Chew
Mark Lee
Chua Li Lian
Violent Tan Fen Ying
Kenneth Kong
Bukoh Mary

88.3 JIA FM

Contact Details for Love 97.2 FM:

Physical Address: Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939
Phone Number: +65 6359 7386
Office Number: +65 6359 7386
Fax Number: +65 6359 7386
Official Website: