Yes 933 FM


Yes 933 FM 93.3 is one of the oldest Radio channels in Singapore. It is owned by MediaCorp a leading telecommunication company based in Singapore. It airs programmes in Local Chinese language, and it was the first channel that started airing music in Chinese after Midnight. In 1994 it became so popular that it began to broadcast 24 hours a day.

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Famous Programs of Yes 933 FM 93.3:

It entertains the listeners with adult contemporary and POP chinese music. It airs some famous programs throughout the week, its current week schedule is given below.
《大咖一起来》 Jeff、陈宁、美贵
Translated as: “Come Together” with Jeff, Chen Ning and Meigui
Translated as: “Happy Afternoon” with Jiayu, Peifen and Henry
Translated as: Good Clothes with Ning Kunhua and Wei Bin
Translated as: “YEAH Don’t Snoring” with Ye Shuang and Qi Jia
YES 933 龙虎榜》坤华、美
Translated as: “YES 933 Dragon Tiger List” with Kun Hua and Meigui

Yes 933 FM

Target Listeners:

Its target listeners are the local community of Singapore. Especially the one who speaks the Chinese language. It doesn’t have a huge content in English or any other language, so its primary targets are the Chinese Speakers.

Major Competitors:

The channel is currently one of the most famous Chinese language channels in Singapore. However, it is not the only Chinese language channel, and it has to compete with the likes of SPH Radio and Love 97.2.

Famous Presenters:

To cover its week-long scheduled programs, It has a long list of presenters, a few famous ones are mentioned below
Koh Bee Kwee
Chan Ning
Jeff Goh
Siau Jiahui
Lim Pei Fen Christina
Law Yi Heng Henry
Chung Kun Wah, Kenneth
Nico Chua Wei Ping
Hazelle Teo Ying Shuang
Evelyn Tan Qi Jia

Contact Details:

Physical Address: Caldecott Broadcast Centre, Andrew Road, Singapore 299939
Phone Number: +65 8876 6933
Office Number: +65 8876 6933
Fax Number: +65 8876 6933
Official Website: