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Groot FM 90.5 is a local South African radio station, found in Pretoria, the city of South Africa. Media Management Solutions owns this community FM radio which broadcasts music and talk shows. Like many other South African radio networks, it broadcasts all programs only in the African language. Its website is also available only in the African language and does not have the English version. Afrikaan is the 11th national language of Africa. FM 90.5 wants to promote African language and culture.

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Background of this Groot FM 90.5:

Before 2013, 90.5 FM used to go in air as Radio Rippel. The station got its name Groot FM when the company relaunched it in August 2013. With the name of Groot FM, the first time it went on air on August 5, 2013, on 90.5 FM frequency.

Groot FM, South Africa

The Mission of GROOT FM 90.5::

The mission of this network is to promote South African culture and its language. It inspires the residents of South Africa. Its slogan is “entertainment that makes a difference.” It airs African music, lovely songs, and talk shows to share information with African people, to have a discussion on public affairs, and to spread the ideas and opinions of great people.
It aims to celebrate and relish everything that is best in its form and right. The management feels that still there is a need to modify a few things for better change. The radio runs with the mission to color the sound waves with inspiration, life, and motivation. The station tries to air BIG in the small and the trivial to have a lasting impact in the African community.


The programming of Groot FM is based on mix format of talk and music. The focus of its programming to target the audience that belongs to the age group of 35 to 55 years. It not only spreads African culture but also claims to value the traditions of minorities like Christians. Along with broadcasting the best African music, it airs international contemporary music.
This radio also offers live streaming on the internet. It helps you to stay tuned. The website also helps you to be aware of all the most momentous events and news in Pretoria or all over the world. Free apps to listen to 90.5 FM online are also available.

Major Programs and Personalities:

Die GROOT ontbyt (The GREAT breakfast)
HUISTOE (HOME) with Met Kevin en Riva (With Kevin and Riva)
Hendri Myburg (Hendri Myburg)
Riaan Grobler (Riaan Grobler)
An Afternoon Drive Presenter, Ruben Delmage
Afternoon Drive Show, ‘SlatDiepad met’ with Ruben Delmage
Daytime show with Su-an Müller-Marais
The nighttime show, ‘Tonight Me try Cloete
Sports Show, ‘BIG RUGBY’ with Ruben Delmage and Naas Botha
News Reader – Susan Botha & Annelie Bouwer


The radio station has won many awards. In 2017, it was nominated for the Liberty Radio award.
In 2019, it got seven nominations for the award, Liberty Radio award.

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Address: 26 Ringwood Rd, 0081 Pretoria, South Africa
Phone: +27 12 349 2574
Whatsaap: +27 61 610 4576
Text: 49905
Official Website: