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The Voice of the Cape (VOC 91.30 FM) is the first independent Muslim community radio in South Africa. By touching the airwaves in 1995, the station’s mission is to serve the needs, make aware, and instruct the Muslim community about the Islamic religion. According to the broadcasting authority, the station was authorized to serve the cultural interest of its audience. Here you can enjoy Voice of the Cape live streaming.

About Voice of the Cape Radio:

VOC (The Voice of the Cape) became the foremost Muslim community broadcast in South Africa when it was granted a special events license in Ramadan in January 1995. It uses the slogan “My Radio Station, Your Radio Station, Our Radio Station.” Furthermore, the service proceeded to its independent frequency of 91.3 FM that is fivefold than the previous one.

Voice of the Cape FM 91.3


Voice of the Cape live serves its audience with a particular focus on the religious teachings of Islam. The radio station features the following genres e.g., talk shows, news, Islamic education, etc. In addition, the service also suggests socio-political, economic, and cultural affairs to its audience. The major programs of this broadcast include Breakfast Beat, VOC Morning Expresso, Drivetime (RTE) Live Streaming, Juzz for the Day, Shopping Basket, Wives of The Nabi, Friday Naseegah, Afternoon Cruise, etc. For this purpose, Shafiq Morton, Munadia Karaan, Ashia Hendricks, Muhammad Zain Majiet, and Sedick Crombie are some legendary personalities on Voice of the Cape 91.3 FM.

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Contact Details:

Location: 2 Queenspark Avenue, Salt River Cape Town, Western Cape
Phone: +27 21 442 3500
Fax: +27 21 447 7271
News: +27 21 442 3509
Studio: +27 21 442 3530
SMS: 47913
Programming: +27 21 442 3581
Email: info@vocfm.co.za
Official Website: http://www.vocfm.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VOC91.3fm/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VOCfm
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/voiceofthecape/