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Biggles FM 104.8 is a regional radio outlet situated in Potton, Bedfordshire. It began airing a 24/7 radio transmission in 2011.

About Biggles FM 104.8

The Biggles FM 104.8 carries music transmissions, including new and ancient songs. It airs and operates on a frequency of 104.8 FM in areas of Potton, Sandy, and nearby areas and suburbs in Bedfordshire. It is also easily accessed via Wi-Fi internet and radio signals.

Biggles FM 104.8


Biggles FM was launched in 2002 but on frequency 87.9 FM in the beginning. This FM got a Community Radio authorization in 2009 for a time duration of 2 years to carry transmissions in the area. Finally, OFCOM granted a continuous permit for frequency 104.8 FM in 2009.

Technical Details

The FM 104.8 resumed its radio transmissions on new frequency and power. However, it became a professionally active radio outlet for 24/7 transmissions in 2011. Biggles FM Ltd possesses the radio station FM 104.8. The transmitter power and its frequency are almost 50W in all other directions.


The live programming carries on Biggles FM is of Breakfast Show, first of all at 6 am every weekday. In addition, it carries a wide variety of shows, including Music, political debates, classical, and others.

Weekly programs are
Alan Waring
Night Owl
Non-stop Biggles
Simon Bennett
Biggest Afternoon Jukebox
70s Hot Hits

Weekend programs are
Easy Listening with Biggles
Bob’s 60s Splash
The California Music Show
Biggles Big Night In
The famous broadcaster of this radio is Jim Brady, John Tomlin, Kevin Hall, Mike Grant, Simon Bennett, Steve Garlick, and Tim Willett.

Contact Details

Address: Biggles FM, 36 Sutton Mill Road, Potton, SANDY, SG19 2QB
Phone: +44 1767 260111
Official Website:

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