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Smooth FM West Midlands is a maverick regional radio outlet situated in Birmingham and also in West Midlands. Global possesses and controls the station as part of a network named Smooth.

About Smooth FM West Midlands

Smooth Radio West Midlands includes music content all over, which is mostly relaxing and soft. In 2006, FM was decided to merge the two Smooth FM and Saga stations to Smooth Radio, and Saga 105.7 was renamed Smooth West Midlands 105.7 in 2007. It also broadcasts a weekend recap for new people joining the radio station. In this way, they get all the content they have missed in the last week.

Smooth FM West Midlands

Technical Details

The Smooth Radio West Midlands FM 105.7 has the frequencies for different areas like 105.7 MHz for Birmingham and 104 and 106 in nearby areas by setting the antennas at desired channels. At Sutton Coldfield, the transmitter of FM 105.7 is situated. It also presents adult modern music and songs. It carries the programming and transmissions from its old former station saga. Now it broadcasts more modernized content than in past old days. It primarily has its listeners and audience aged more than 35 years.


The programs include mostly authorized to Global, and they are news headlines. The work studios of Smooth West Midlands Radio 105.7 FM produce highlights for two other media outlets named Heart West Midlands and Capital Midlands. It also broadcasts National news reports every hour transmitted from Global head offices 24/7.

The regional local shows are as follow
Smooth Breakfast with Nigel Freshman
The Smooth Drive Home with Angie Greaves.
Sunday afternoon show
The famous artist of FM 107.5 is Ian Brannan, Margherita Taylor, Jenni Falconer, and Gary King.

Contact Details

Address: Smooth West Mids 8th Floor, Eleven Brindley Place, Birmingham, B1 2LP
Phone: 020 7766 6000
Official Website:

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