181.FM The Buzz


181.FM The Buzz (Alt. Rock) is located in Waynesboro, Virginia, United States. They focus on old songs that are oldies, rock, the 80’s, and the 90’s. It is known as the best web radio as they keep people update regarding old music. Their slogan is ‘your lifestyle, your music.’ It has many sister radio stations.

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History of 181.FM The Buzz (Alt. Rock):

The DAB United States formed it. 181.FM The Buzz (Alt. Rock) is an online and free radio station. Its location is the United States and focuses on 80’s format mostly. Their purpose is to know the real importance and charm of old music.

181.FM The Buzz

Famous Programs:

Their outstanding programs are Yacht Rock, Power 181, 80’s RnB, Jazz Mix, Oldies: Classic Hits 181, Good Time Oldies, Mellow Gold, Soul, Beatles, and Super 70s.
80’s Decade: Awesome 80’s, Lite 80’s, 80’s Country, 80’s RnB, and 80’s Lite RnB.
90’s Decade: Star 90’s, 90’s Country, Lite 90’s, 90’s Alternative, and 90’s Dance.
Pop: Power 181 (top 40), The Office, The Mix, Party 181, The Point, Old School Hip-Hop/ RnB, Smooth AC, UK Top 40, The Heart (Love Songs), and The Vibe of Vegas.
Rock Channels: The Buzz (Alt. Rock), The Eagle, Rock 181, Rock 40, 80’s Hairband, Yacht Rock, Chloe @ 181.1 FM and The Rock (Hard Rock).

Country: Kickin’ Country, Real Country, Highway 181, 80’s Country, 90’s Country, and the Front Porch (Bluegrass).
Urban: The Beat (Hip-Hop / RnB), The Box (Urban), Soul, Jammin 181, Old School (Hip-Hop / RnB), and the 80’s Lite RnB.
Dance/Techno: Energy 98, Chilled out, Energy 93, and the 90’s Dance.

Target Listeners:

This radio station is in Virginia, United States. They focus on the local people of Waynesboro, as people from that area love to listen to 80’s and old songs.


WWON-FM is the biggest competitor with a frequency of 100.2 MHz. It is also known as the big oldies lover radio station. It also focuses on the 80’s, 90’s, and all rock songs. This FM also promotes news and podcasts shows. It also gives information about the weather forecast. They are famous for sharing the hit, successful and inspirational stories of the common people all around the world.

Click here to listen to live Smooth Jazz Mix New York.

Contact Details:

Address: Greenville, Virginia USA
Phone: (540)908-4332
Email: contact@181.fm
Official Website: http://www.181.fm/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/181.fm/