.977 70s Rock


.977 70s Rock is a very popular internet radio of .977 music hits. The 70s is a period of the emergence of musical instruments such as drums, guitar, electric bass and singers more in number. The music produced by the above mentioned list is called rock music as it contains more instruments and a chorus. The era of the 70s is all about rock music that has changed peoples’ interest from simple to some rhythmic songs. It played the songs from AC/DC to ZZ Top.

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History .977 70s Rock:

It is a free internet radio service for all. First developed in 2000. Their purpose is to recollect the emergence of rock music and all about the 70s era. It has the diverse musical compositions and the singer’s interest.

Famous Songs:

Their famous songs that people heard the most and wanted to listen again are Evil woman, Piano man, Misty mountain top, Telephone line, Fly like an eagle, Statesboro Blues, Do you feel like we do, Don’t look back, Come and get it, Don’t do me like that, Owner of a lonely heart, Separate ways, Eric Clapton and many more.

.977 Today’s Hits


Their competitors are WBGG-FM with a frequency of 105.9 FM, and their format is the classic rock. WBGY with a frequency of 88.1 FM and their format is country. And WBHQ with the frequency of 92.7 FM and their format is adult hits.

Contact Details:

Contact Details: http://www.977music.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/977music