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.997 80s hits music radio focuses at 80s hit music. It contains the categories of Rock, Retro, and Pop of the 80s. It played the music from 1980-1989. .997 80s hits music ranges from Arcadia to Whitesnake. This is a magnificent source of redeeming the old 80s memories and to live in them.

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History .977 80s Hits:

It is a free internet radio service for all. First developed in 2000. Their purpose is to make 80s songs, popular again in today’s age. To know the beauty of old songs and to live them.

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Famous Songs:

Their famous songs that people heard the most and wanted to listen again are Vienna calling, Little Red Corvette, Angel, Kool, and the gang, Relax, Ah Leah, Weird Science, The tide is high, Pump up the jam, Human, Rockit, Don’t bring me down, Funkytown, The heat is on, and many more.

Target Listeners:

This internet radio is in the United States of America located in Florida; Orlando. When people needed a lift in their lives due to their daily routines and stop! And to reanimate the old 80s songs and all of its hits music types.


Orlando is a place that is famous for the revival of old memories. Its competitor is Magic 80s Florida, which media type is audio or mp3, their bitrate is 192 kbps, and listeners approximately of 60,000. Its genre is that focuses on pop and rock music of the 80s.

Famous Artists:

Famous Singers are Lipps Inc, Glenn Frey, Falco, Prince, Aerosmith, Donnie Iris, Kool, and the Gang, Oingo Boingo, Blondie, Technotronic, Human League, Elo, Pattie Labelle, Foreigner, and Donna Summer, and many more.

Contact Details:

Its contact details are: