BBN Radio

BBN Radio

BBN Radio is a part of the organization BBN “Bible broadcasting network.” The network serves the people of the United States. The programming of the radio is available to the targeted audience of North and South America. While the headquarter of the station is present in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a Christian radio station. Lowell Davey introduced the channel on October 2, 1971. The channel airs 50% outside ministries, 30% music and 20% produced programs on demand. The channel is multilingual.

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The content of the channel is worth appreciating in this era. The team members of the radio air programs of different formats, including Christian music (gospel), prayer times, children’s program, Bible teaching, and family guidance debates. Also, the network facilitates its audience by airing programs on demand of their listeners. All the details about the station are available on the website of the radio

Purpose of BBN Radio:

The purpose of the network is to fill the hearts and minds of people with God’s love. The channel also tries to show people the path of prosperity and happiness. It tries to make people see beyond the physical aspects of the body. It leads them to see the immortal life of the soul. Also, human beings are not the creatures of this world but came from somewhere else. The nature and kind aspects of human behavior tell that humans came from the flawless place.

BBN Radio

Moreover, the broadcasters air the Bible verses, which motivates their spirits. And connect listeners directly with the spiritual conscience within the body of the man. One also can donate charity for needy people through the radio.


The slogan is “How to get to Heaven.”

BBN Stations:

There are many radio stations that work under the management of BBN. In the US, there are 145 stations with different frequencies and places. Outside the US, 72 stations are working in accordance with the language of the people of the community. In public files, there are 47 stations which broadcast in different places covering the United States. The radio categories are FM and AM dial. These are given specific HAAT and ERP values.


As there are so many stations working as a part of BBN. So those have many programs which station air. Among them some are here:
BBN worship hour with DR. Donald R Hubbard, Bible study time with Dr. Lehman Strauss, Bit of Heaven with Dr. Louis Paul Lehman, Building blocks for the family, conference pulpit, Christian classics, family altar, Musical backgrounds, weekend connections, word for woman and many many others.

Contact Details:

Mail letters to P.O. Box 7300, Charlotte, NC 28241-7300
Shipment: 11530 Carmel Commons Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28226
Phone Number: 1-800-888-7077 or 704-523-5555.
Facebook page:
Twitter account: