Classic Country 1630


Classic Country 1630 is located in West Point, Los Angeles, USA. It is famous for playing Country music and is called as the Country’s best. Its media type is audio/aacp. Its genre is country music.

History Classic Country 1630:

Classic Country 1630 USA was famous for playing country music from the past almost 50 years. They promote songs from Hank Williams to Tim McGraw.

Famous Programs:

There are two outstanding programs of this radio station that are The Classic Country 500 and West point links. They focus on promoting informative, educational, entertaining, and inspirational programs so that people avail many benefits from them. They also encourage Jazz music that is classical jazz on ‘Breezy Radio.’ It also promotes Soft Track on ‘Soft Tracks.’ They also promote singers, jazz, soft, and swingers in their programs.

Classic Country 1630


.977 is a competitor of this channel, as it is known as the Country music radio station. It is famous for promoting country hits and is the number 1 internet radio in the USA. It is also famous for its podcasts programs. Another competitor is Downtown Country, whose slogan is ‘Your Country – Your Music.’ It also competes with Classic Country USA in online programs as they have the best DJs of the state.

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