Classical Rock Florida


Classical Rock Florida is one of the biggest radio stations of hits. They focused on classical songs from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. As these time periods were considered as the flourished eras of classical music. They aimed to revive those memories that have been lost, and people wanted to relive them. It is the best way to have all the old songs at a single platform.

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History of Classical Rock Florida:

It is a free internet radio service for all. First developed in January 2015. Its owner is Bauer radio. It has the slogan that ‘the good times sound like this.’ Its MW is 828 to 1584 kHz. Its frequency is 96.5 to 105.9 Hz. They have a speed of 192 kbps with live DJ’s. Its main focus is at oldies and the specialists’ music. It has nine associated radio stations called their sister stations. They are called hits radio stations primarily focusing on their programs.

Classical Rock Florida

Famous Programs:

Their famous songs that people heard the most and wanted to listen again are The Afternoon show with the James family, the Tony Pro show, the Lady Gaga show. Songs that people heard the most are kept pushing, dog and butterfly, green-eyed lady, slow ride, it’s not enough, Jane, time of the season, light my fire, don’t fear the reaper, keep on loving you, gimme some loving, listen like thieves, hey you, my little red book, going up the country, hey nineteen, every breath you take, the other side of life, no son of mine, point of no return, paper in fire, and many more.

Target Listeners:

This radio program is in the United States of America located in Florida; Orlando. They spread to Northern England, West Midlands and Scotland. When people needed a lift in their lives due to their daily routines. As America is the reason for the upbringing of the hip-hop music people love to hear them and enjoy them and promote them.


Florida, a place that is best known as the place for the revival of old songs. People living in that place prefer classical rock music. Classical rock Florida; SHE radio is the competitor of classical rock of greatest hits. Its speed is 128 kbps and has the best live DJ’s shows. Its stations are the rolling stones and let’s spend the night together. Other competitors are .977 classical hits that also play almost all of the classic songs and are a top-rated online radio station.

Famous Presenters:

Its renowned presenters are Bad Company, Men at Work, Foghat, Starship, Jefferson Starship, The Zombies, The Doors, The Byrds, Blue Oyster Cult, REO Speedwagon, The Spenser Davis group, Bachman- Turner Overdrive, Procol Harum, Mike + The Mechanics, INXS, Love, The Yardbirds, Steely Dan, The Police, Ringo Starr, Genesis, The Moody Blues, Journey, John Mellencamp, Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Zombies, The Goo Goo Doolls, Kansas, John Mellencamp, and many more.

Contact Details:

Its contact details are:
Address: PO BOX 936012 Margate, Florida 33093
Phone: 1800-940-4991
Fax: 954-590-3000