ESPN Deportes Radio


ESPN Deportes Radio works on sports talk and news format using the Spanish language. Along with airing sports, it’s programming also features call-in talk shows and commentary on sporting events. It broadcasts different sports, i.e., soccer, match of boxing, baseball match and American football.

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Disney ESPN group created and launched this station. The stations of this network are situated in 15 states of the United States. These states include Florida, Illinois, Arizona, California, Maryland, Nevada, Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee New Hampshire, New Jersey, New, Texas, Wisconsin, Washington, and Idaho. ESPN Deportes also has ESPN Radio as its English counterpart. Cumulus Media Networks trades the advertising time on both networks.
The programming of ESPN Deportes Radio continues around the clock. It is the entirely one Spanish radio station to air programs 24 hours every day in the United States. It offers the most extensive programming on sports.

ESPN Deportes Radio

Programming of ESPN Deportes Radio:

Its programming includes national sports, news, commentary on sporting events, and call-in talk shows in the Spanish language. Besides other shows, it gives a special focus on soccer. The list of some of the major programs and their schedule is listed below:

Every day begins with the show, ESPN Signature at 6:00 AM
Sports Race airs at 9:00 AM
It’s like that and point airs at noon 12’o clock.
The show, ESPN Zone airs at 1:00 PM
Live football starts at 2:00 PM
Jorge Ramos and his Band come live at 4:00 PM.
ESPN Area is a night shows that air at 10:00 PM.
Sport Race (recorded) airs midnight at 12:00 AM
Jorge Ramos and his Band charms the listeners overnight at 3:00 AM.
Some of the notable personalities who worked and are still working in the station are José Francisco Rivera, Guillermo Celis, Renato Bermudez, Humberto Carrera, Kenneth Garay, Elmer Polanco, as well as Jorge Ramos

List of Affiliates

Stations and cities that are part of the programming of ESPN Deportes Radio are following:
KWKW-AM with 1330 frequency in Los Angeles, CA
WEPN-FM with 1050 frequency in New York
WRKS-FM with 98.7-2 in New York
WKRS-AM with 1220 frequency in Chicago, IL
KZMP-AM with 1540 frequency in Dallas, TX
KKSF-AM with 910 frequency in San Francisco, CA
KHHL-FM with 103.1 frequency in San Antonio, TX
KBMB-AM with 710 frequency in Phoenix, AZ
KGOL-AM with 1180 frequency, founded in Houston, TX
Located in Miami – Ft. Lauderdale, FL, WMYM-AM airs with 990 frequency.
These are the stations that have the affiliation of ESPN Deportes. These are only a few stations with their location and frequency they use. Besides them, many others have the affiliation of this station.

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Contact Information:

Address: 545 Middle Street, Bristol, CT
Official Website: