KMOA 89.7 FM


KMOA 89.7 FM is a broadcasting radio station made for the people of Nu’uuli. Nu’uuli is an area present on Tutuila island of American Samoa. The radio provides educational services to the community of the village Nu’uuli. This channel also airs life-changing stories for the people who want success. It is a non-commercial radio. It runs on 89.7 MHZ FM frequency. The network broadcasts using 1500 watts transmitter.

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Coverage Area:

KMOA station’s broadcast covers the whole region of Nu’uuli. It is categorized into C2 class radio. Which means it is a private educational radio made for local transmission. The FIN or identification number which radio uses is 173422. The license to broadcast radio programming was held by Teen challenge international. And the owner of the radio is Global Teen challenge.

KMOA 89.7 FM

Broadcasting History of KMOA 89.7 FM:

Society of pure truth ministries applied to develop a radio in Nu’uuli to FCC in October 2007. The FCC approved their request on 8 January 2009. On 30 January 2009, this network was given the name “KMOA.” The radio went on sale by the society of pure truth ministries to San Diego California based Horizon Christian fellowship in March 2009. Later in August 2011, Teen challenge international brought this radio. After that, 89.7 FM passed through many procedures. But finally, in January 2012, the station started live broadcasting.


This station tries to educate people, especially the young generation. It makes people seek moral, spiritual, and social etiquette. It makes people aware of how to control life issues and focuses on hard work. FM wants its people to live a healthy life without any risk. And it tries to make them a nominated member of the community. Also, the programming of this network is set in a way to make people more lively and motivated.


The radio broadcasts 24/7 hours. Here are its programs. The morning light of lifeline at 6 am. Hour of the decision at 6:15 am. Discover the champion in you at 7 am. Enjoy everyday living at 8 am. Changing the world at 9 am, Kingdom connection at 10 am. Destined to reign at 11 am, Hour of decision/peace with God at 12 a. Spotlight at 1 pm, Adventures in odyssey at 2 pm.

Kids corner at 3 pm, Changing the world at 4 pm (repeat). Kingdom connection at 5 pm (repeat), Enjoy everyday living at 6 pm (repeat), left behind at 7 pm. Keys for kids at 8 pm, Word connection at 9 pm, Jesse Duplantis at 10 pm. Hour of the decision at 11 pm (repeat), Destined to reign at noon (repeat). Bible drama at 1 AM, Searchlight at 2 am, Discover the champion in you at 3 am(repeat), Prayer of salvation at 4 AM, Soaking playlist 4:15 am, Short program at 5 am, Worship at 5:15 am.


Joel Osteen, Joseph Prince, Billy Graham, Calvary chapel, Joyce Meyer, Jentzen Franklin, Creflo Dollar are the broadcasters of 89.7 FM.

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Contact Details:

Physical Address: 277 Ottoville RD
Phone Number: (684) 699-2635
Official Website: