KTU 103.5 FM


KTU 103.5 FM is a Rhythmic Hot AC format radio owned by most popular iHeartMedia. It airs to the suburbs of New York City. Like most of its competitors, it has its transmitters located at the Empire State building and the studios located at the former AT&T building. It has grown popular over the years and maintained relevance among its audience to date. It has survived for almost 70 years today. Since its inception as a WNNJ in 1948, it has evolved to maintain relevance to its audience along the way.

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KTU 103.5 FM History:

Before making any changes to the original version, the WNNJ aired in New Jersey. It was owned by Paterson before it was sold and changed to WPAT FM after extensive damage. A tropical storm had caused this damage and led to some days of silence as the business closed shop. Instead of re-building WPAT-FM secured it later in 1956.

Originally, 103.5 was assigned to Babylon within New York after two years of consistent airing. At this time, William Reuman, who was the founder of WWRL, had acquired WGLI. He necessitated the movement from Babylon to the Lake Success before moving again to Chrysler Building. At the time, it became popularly known as the International Stereo Sound playing easy listening, which was instrumentals mostly. There were constant versions of instrumental pop tunes airing until 1969. Eventually, it evolved to allow soft instrumentals versions of rock with vocals for 15 minutes. When it was sold to Sydney Horne, and adopted the name WTFM, it allowed more soft rock songs as well as standards artists. It officially switched to a soft rock adult contemporary approach in 1978. Unfortunately, it remains with low rankings until it was sold to Heftel Broadcasting in 1980.

Famous Programs of KTU 103.5 FM

1. The Morning Drive
This is the most popular program. It comprises an engaging episode and presents a music-orientation of two top sets of commercials every hour. Rufus Hurt hosted the show while Judy Hernandez took the news. He was popularly known as Judy Herron.

Hurt was replaced by Big John and made it even more popular after 1987. The next program became the ‘Walton & Johnson & The Not Ready for Drive Time Players’. It, however, did not succeed as was intended. This failure led to its cancellation in only two months. Instead, it brought the married team of Joy Grdnic and Ron Stevens. This fresh idea brought increased attention to the morning drive. Steven and Grdnic was a new female and male voice as opposed to the traditional male and male voices.

2. The Hot Night Concert
The ‘Hot Night’ first began in early 1987 to introduce concerts of the top CHR/Dance artists. Listeners scrambled for the tickets given away by the station. The Palladium played host to the first episode. Among the stars were Sheila E as well as the Cover girls on an electric night. Since then, ‘Hot night’ became bigger and more exotic.

3. Saturday Night Dance Party
In the same year, WQHT made the radio even more famous by introducing the Saturday Night Dance Party in Manhattan. The original debut was scheduled for 10.00 pm and ended by 2:00 am and had no commercials or any interruption. Live music was the core of the night before employing Scotty Blackwell.

The Biggest Milestone

The rise of CHR/Dance stations really came after the significant changes, which occurred in 1987. The Billboard magazine reported at the time during the revolution of the ‘Crossover 30’ chart. This chart emerged from airplay as well as other stations reporting to it. The weekly music addition improved the station and made it even more popular than before. The impact of the radio on the listeners became even more influential and inspirational thanks to the partnership with Westwood One creating weekly events. The American Dance Traxx emerged at the same time too.

Target Listeners

With constant live concerts, the radio has maintained its rock and pop audience for generations. It, therefore, comprises both young and old, as long as the soft rock and pop music. The loyal fans and followers in New York are frequent attendees to the concerts and every event availed by the radio. It is set to attract newer and younger generations thanks to the introduction of the latest hits across the board and genres.

The Area Where People Love To Listen To It

103.5 FM KTU serves soft rock lovers in New York City suburbs. The neighborhood in Manhattan has for a long time relied on the radio for its consistent non-stop music.

Major Competitors Radio

Some of the rival radios within New York include WQHT ‘hot 97’, WNYC, WBLS 107.5, WNEW-FM 102.7, and WQXR-FM 105.9 among many others.

Famous Presenters of KTU 103.5 FM

Some of the most outstanding presenters through its life span include JohnyMonds, Sonny Joe Fox, Venessa Scott, Frederick Colon, Mitch Phillips, Rufus Hurt, and Niece Colon.

Contact Details:

Address: 32 Avenue of the AmericasNew York, NY 10013
Phone: 800-245-1035
Text: 69935
Official Website: https://ktu.iheart.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ktunewyork
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/1035KTU
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1035ktu