KULA-LP FM 95.1 is a radio station that was made for the people of lli`ili. The Ili`ili is a village present in the southwest of Tutuila Island of America Samoa. The radio runs on frequency 95.1 MHz. In 2004 it broadcasted its first transmission. The network’s identification number is 132293.

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Pacific Island Bible school is the owner of this channel. The 95.1 station is a local FM. The ERP emitted by the radio transmitter is 100 watts and falls in class L1 radio. It occupies 29m height above average terrain in order to prevent interference with other channels.


Format of KULA-LP FM 95.1:

It uses a religious format for programming. It broadcasts religious music, sermons, etc. The hosts make people realize the importance of religion in life. They also, explain religion’s positive aspects in human characters. It is a famous station among the Ili`ili community.

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Contact Details:

Physical Address: Pyrenees Mountains 770, Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico Distrito Federal, Miguel Hidalgo CP 11000