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MLB Network Radio is an American broadcasting station which broadcasting area is Canada, United States. It is a Satellite radio station that has the ownership of Sirius XM Radio. The slogan of the station is a clear reflection of the format of its programming. ‘24/7 Major League Baseball Talk’ is the distinguished slogan of the network. It airs League Baseball Sports format 24 hours throughout the week. In 2005, it signed first in the air. It airs with its branding name, MLB Network Radio. The listeners formerly know it as MLB Home Plate.
The channel broadcasts all content related to Major League Baseball. These contents feature talk shows, archives, and live sports.

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First Season on the Air:

In 2005, the season of the Major League Baseball started. At the same time, MLB Home Plate went on air with its first transmission. It aimed to entertain the listeners who wanted to listen to Baseball streaming on XM. Later on, March 26, 2010, it changed its branding name to MBL Network.

mlb network radio

Major Shows of MLB Network Radio:

Some of the illustrious shows are The Leadoff Spot and Power Alley. Steve Phillips and Eduardo Perez or CJ Nitkowski host the Leadoff Spot show. They discuss the headlines of the sport and about the team players. The shows air on Weekdays from 7 am to 10 am.
Power Alley broadcasts at 10 am after the Leadoff Spot. Power Alley continues till 1 pm with Jim Duquette, Former General Manager, and Mike Ferrin.

Other significant programs include High Heat, Inside Pitch, MLB Tonight, MLB Roundtrip, and Remember When. Loud Outs, Minors, and Majors and Front Office are also most awaiting programs of the channel. Hot Stove, Baseball offseason, and Home Plate are also centers of listeners’ attention.


Steve Phillips and CJ Nitkowski are one of the most worth mentioning hosts of the network. Other renowned anchors include Join Ed Randall, Eduardo Perez, and Rico Petrocelli, Ed Randall, and Christopher Russo. Casey Stern, Brad Lidge, Cliff Floyd, and Grant Paulsen are also one of the legendary broadcasters.


KACS 90.5 FM, KACW 91.3 FM, KAFE 104.1 FM, and KAGU 88 are the competitor radio stations.

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Contact Details:

Address: One MLB Network Plaza, Secaucus, NJ 07094, Washington, DC
Phone: 201-520-6400
Official Website: