WINS 1010 AM New York

WINS-AM – 1010 WINS – New York, NY (114)

About the station

The radio station operates at 1010 kHz as a commercial broadcaster in New York. The ownership of the station is attributed to Entercom organization and studios. The main focus of the station’s popularity is interpreted by being the most persistent and long-serving broadcasting station in all faculties. The station began operations in 1965 operating at 102.7 HD3. As an effective strategy, the broadcasting channels are not interrupted at any time in the CBS programs. Among the significant changes in the radio station include the change of ownership from Crosley to Elroy stations in 1953. The change in ownership to the need for operational expansion and utilization of economies of scale.

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There are different significant developments in the Wins 1010 AM. Most of the developmental issues include the changes in personnel, programs, popular shows and market reach with the use of the channels. The most evident developmental change in the station covered the creation of the sportscaster program. The program was aired by Mel Allen in 1947 creating a significant entertainment docket in the broadcasting channels. The program played popular music and significantly improved the popularity of the station. The purchase of KLRA broadcasting channels also considerably improved the development of specificity in the programs. Among the major presenters include; Elliot Abrahams, Jeff Allen, Holli Haerr, and Lee Harris.


After the change of ownership of the broadcasting channels from Crosley to Elroy in 1953, it started the most famous rock and roll broadcasts. Changes were witnessed on a yearly basis ranging from changes in staff to related changes in organizational structure. The changes in 1958 were characterized by the inclusion of Murray Kaufman. The recruitment is considered important as he was a crucial figure in the night entertainment shows. From the online reviews, the night entertainment shows were the most significant as it gathered following huge judging by the response rate. The diversification depicted the historic progress in 2015 through the CBS affiliation networks.

Development and major Presenters

Programs describe the main activities and focus of a station. Specifically, the programs to the radio station create a database of the objectives and goals established. Firstly, Elliot Abrams’ Chief meteorologist program acts as a guide to listeners on the issues of weather and travel advisories. The presentation is focused on commercial and social purpose. The second program is the Overnight program by Lane Bajardi discusses different contemporary issues in society. In the same approach, Mario Bosquez’s program namely Bottom of the hour focusses on specificity and follow-up on developing stories in the region. Marc Ernay hosts the sports program that is aired daily. Integration of the different programs creates a specific following that creates the general audience of the station.

WINS-AM – 1010 WINS – New York, NY (114)

Major achievements

There are different major achievements that have been witnessed in the station over time. Firstly, the station was able to switch to all news program through the 690 EXTRA broadcasting channel. The channel was depicted as an all-news channel through which coverage ratio was boosted. The success in the mimicking competitive strategy on the Westinghouse formula marked a clear and strategic improvement. The improvements were noted in the distribution of information as well as increased efficiency in the broadcasting strategies. In 1975, the station adopted a national all-news service through a new network. The trial was successful and marked the second most strategic approach in the reach out to its audience.

Popular shows

There’re various popular shows that have made a positive impact on the success of the program. The first and most popular show in the station was the Mary Kaufman’s Swingin show. The popularity of the channel show was instigated by the fact that it was it expanded the audience scope. The other popular show is Brian Britain’s, Saturday Show. The show is described by the insights it provides on traffic and other facets such as the situations in different cities. The insights are considered corporate social responsibilities and improved outreach. The evening shows by Paul James are depicted as the objective analysis of social and cultural issues. The issues in the show cut across contemporary to political followings.



The audience to the WINS 1010 AM is depicted by the programs offered. The evening shows have attracted a specific category of the audience that is interested in political and contemporary issues. The group of the audience aims at a strategic follow-up through which the social problems are solved. The specificity of the problems is described by the demonstrated interests in the programs. The second group of audience is described by the audience that follows sports and entertainment news. This category makes the largest and most large proportion in the radio station.