WCBS-AM – News Radio 880

WCBS-AM – News radio 880 – New York, NY (114)

The radio station is licensed and operated by the Entercom organization and studios. The popularity of the station is evident in North and Central America. The station started its operations in 1924 at channel 920 AM in New York. The pioneer programs to the broadcasting station included races such as horse events and yatching documentaries. The station was significantly developed from the merger of the WCBS Radio and the Entercom presentations. The merger was the most strategic move that created a broader platform for the radio station. Additionally, the station is built on an All-News program especially due to the fact that it makes express and uninterrupted programs. Integration of the different programs, mergers, and shifts describe the move to the current status of the program.

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The history of the station dates back to the beginning of 1924. The radio station only aired sports and related documentaries. The first significant development was witnessed in 1928 where the stations’ frequency was shifted to 970. The shift was viewed as a strategic move to diversify the audience reach as well as the scope through which the station covered. The third significant and historical change was witnessed in 1941 where the station shifted to 880. The shift was described as a strategic approach through which it was able to effect more programs and popular shows. A historical downtime characterized the 1950s. The downtime was depicted by controversies as the station’s producer John Henry was accused of being the anti-blacklisting and anti-communist approach.

Development and major presenters

The major developments are guided by the strategic support programs and the host presenters. Firstly, in 1924, WCBS news radio 880 AM achieved reliable and stable listeners through which the three minutes of broadcast and news bulleting were expanded to reliable timespans. Significant evolutionary stages were witnessed in the stations in the 1960s where the radio broadcasts created the famous middle of the road presentation. Among the major presenters included; Charles Osgood in the political and economic development programs. Importantly, the political elements of the broadcasts are considered crucial as they form a significant proportion of the news presentation. The other presenters include; Ed Bradley and Robert Vaughn of the contemporary programs as well as Pat Summerall in sports and music entertainment.


Mostly, the programs in the station are focused on the target audience. In this way, the timing and specifications of the different elements consider the interests of the audience in the formation and presentation. The WCBS local programs include the discussion of contemporary issues as well as the determination of the solutions to social challenges. The program is also a focus on cultural parameters from the perspective of mass media. Secondly, the WCBS music program is aired every day in the evening hours. The program consists of music entertainment and documentaries. The entertainment levels are also described by the needs of the target audience and listener discretion. The “music til Dawn” program is aired during the weekends has the largest proportion regarding the targeted audience. The online reviews describe the proportion. Other programs include seasonal discussions on operas as well as comedy programs.

Major achievements

There are different achievements that have been actualized by the broadcasting station. Firstly, the 1941 shift was the most strategic and crucial development in the station. In this period, the broadcasting approach was shaped by changes from analog to digital approaches. The station shifted to radio frequency at channel 880. The shift was a significant facet in the development and facilitation of the different objectives to reach out to the target audience. The combination of the afternoon discussion shows and the all-night entertainment programs maintained a reliable and cohesive following.

Popular shows

Among the popular shows is the sports show that began operations between 1939 and 1940. An all-sports show was created in 1987 and presented professional sports and competition challenges. The Mel Allen show was popularly described as an all-purpose station show as it depicted all social and political aspects. Most of the shows to the station aired sports and political news.


The audience to the radio station were categorized into two main groups. The groups are sports and political fans. The objectives of the sports followers are achieved through the facilitation and presentation of related news and documentaries. The station largely presents sports news such as soccer and basketball. Specifically, the audience that follows sports news is evidenced by their online reviews of the related programs. The station also airs political news leading to the creation of the second group of audience. The political followers are thrived by the political analysis and divergence of political ideas, opinions as well as the different discussions led by specific hosts.