WBAP (820 kHz) is a licensed AM News / Talk radio station in Fort Worth, Texas, serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. WBAP is owned by Cumulus Media and transmits 50,000 watts from a broadcast station in the northwest corner of Mansfield. The studios are located north of the city center in the Dallas Victory Park district. WBAP is one of the oldest radio stations in Texas, returning to 1922 when Texas stations were being given call signs starting with “W” instead of “K.”

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WBAP Programs:

WBAP airs weekday local and national union programs. The day starts with “WBAP Morning News,” followed by Chris Salcedo in the morning, Rick Roberts and Chris Krok in the afternoons. Most of the syndical programs come from the co-owned Westwood One network: Mark Levin, Red Eye Radio, and John Batchelor, Bob Brinker and Larry Kudlow at the weekend. From Premiere Networks WBAP leads Rush Limbaugh. On weekends it includes shows about money, cars, home improvement, real estate, and outdoor activities.

History of WBAP NEWS TALK 820 AM:

On May 2, 1922, the WBAP began broadcasting at 360 meters (about 833 kHz), and in August 1922 it passed 400 meters (750 kHz). The station shared time with Dallas WFAA stations and WRR.

LIN Broadcasting paid $ 35 million to buy WBAP-TV, whose call letters were changed to KXAS-TV. Sales were completed in the summer of 1974.

On June 12, 2007, WBAP was one of many companies sold to the Citadel Broadcasting Disney / ABC radio stations. In the same year, WBAP transmittediBiquity HD Radio throughout the day and did not broadcast any sports program until the “HD” digital broadcast ended abruptly in early December 2008.

On October 7, 2013, Cumulus announced the discontinuation of the WBAP simulcast on 96.7 FM. KTCK-FM also changed its call signs to a concurrent version of the KTCK (AM) sports radio programs. Cumulus vice president/market manager Dan Bennet said, “he has not seen an increase in ratings since the addition of FM”. He further added, “WBAP at 820 AM still covers 114 districts a day and was heard in the 38 states in the morning. WBAP in 820 is one of the best radio signals in the United States”.

Batchelor and Alexander:

For over two years, John Batchelor co-hosted“Batchelor and Alexander” together with the writer Paul Alexander of the WABC in New York. They focused on international issues with special attention on terrorism in the Middle East. Batchelor described their approach as follows: “Our model is the BBC World Service, with music and live interviews, but without English accents.” Alexander joked about it: “We’re not NPR, where they set things on tape, we could be NPR on drugs.” Three days before the September 11 attacks, they presented a four-hour WABC demonstration about the USS Cole bombing and interviewed several guests. Unfortunately, in December 2003, Alexander left the program to devote himself to playwright and biographer.

Mark Davis Show

Mark Davis Show started at 9:00 a.m. at noon and after, 08: 30 to 11: 00 AM in the WBAP CT. This show is currently airing on “660AM The Answer”, the weekday KSKY from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM CT. Until the end of the program in 2016, he hosted Bill Bennett’s “Morning in America.”

It is a class A clear-channel station that uses a non-directional antenna. The night signal is usually heard in the Southern, Central and Midwestern states and Northern Mexico. While the daytime signal provides the least secondary coverage from Oklahoma City to Austin.

Contact Details:

Address: 3090 Olive St, Ste 400, 75219 Dallas, Texas
Phone: +1 214-526-2400
Official Website: http://www.wbap.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NewsTalk820WBAP/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wbap247news