FM Resistencia 103.9


FM Resistencia is a radio station in La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It broadcasts reggae, cumbia, Latino rock music to entertain its audience. This channel uses 103.9 MHz frequency to run its transmission. It runs its programming by using the Spanish language.

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History of FM Resistencia 103.9:

FM Resistancia is a self-directing community radio that has the essential purpose of communicating the subject of land and decent housing in the neighborhood where 180 families are living in 8 blocks fighting against expulsion. Radio’s aim to be a communicator of little-heard voices, the voices of voiceless. Its message is “Resistance and hope” through music and words.

FM Resistencia 103.9


Resistencia Nuestro Medio:
Monday to Friday
A unique program that provides a report on the right of people, health issues happening around neighborhood and fight of people for land.

Bolsa de Empleos y clasificados:
Tuesday (8 PM to 10 PM)
This is an informational program that helps people in their jobs and employee search. It also provides a classified list where people sell their things.

Las Adams:
Saturday and Sunday (11 PM to 2 AM)
This program featured fun and to entertain people with music.

Dos Horas del Recuerdo:
Saturday (9 to 12)
This program includes news, topics of interest, and 60s and 70s music.

El Rincon de las Pibas del B.A.:
This program featured production, technical operation, voice-over, the general topic of interest, biography on favorite musical band, and read poems and stories for little ones.

La hora del trio:
Saturday (7 PM to 8 PM)
A unique program to entertain listeners through jokes, stories, good music, and riddles.

El Gauchito:
Sunday (9 AM to 12 PM)
This program consists of folk music from all over Latin America.

Una Voz en el Deporte:
Sunday and Thursday
The first sports program that reviews the events at the local and national level.


The famous presenters of the radio station are Ines, Seba, Gladys, Rosa, Carmen, Meli, Karina, Tito, Mario Luis, Ernesto, and Gaston.

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Contact Details:

Address: LosRobles / Airport neighborhood, La Plata, Argentina
Official Website: