Gen 103.1 FM


Gen 103.1 FM is a music broadcasting station that belongs to Surabaya, Indonesia. It works with the slogan of Generosi Suara Musik Indonesia. It airs songs, talk shows, commercials public service messages in Indonesian. This channel is famous for podcasts and music charts. It entertains the listeners with its nonstop 24 hours transmission.

It uses a term for its listeners “Friend Gen”. Camar FM was its first name. Radio Attahiriyah is its previous name. The owner of this broadcasting channel is the Mahaka Media network. In January 2010, its current owner bought it. On March 1st, 2010 it started its proper broadcast after test transmission. In Jakarta, its sister station works with a frequency of 98.7.

Famous Programs of Gen 103.1 FM:

Dupak, Gen Music Gen Kari, Karjo, Semanggi, Salah Sambung, Tulalit, Dikamar, Ganas, Genkmayan, DJ Sore. Some other programs are Jajal, Bagus, Kopaja, Pecah Belah, Nyasor, Masbulah, Ngasal, Cerita, Wagimin, and Wakanda.

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Contact Details:

Address: Ahmad Yani 88, Surabaya, Indonesia
Phone: +62 811-3521-031
Official Website: