Space FM Ibadan


Space FM Ibadan is a radio channel that runs its transmission on the FM band. The studios and offices of this station located in Ibadan, Nigeria. The audience can hear and enjoy its programming at 90.1 MHz frequency. It broadcasts its shows in three languages, English, Ede, and Yoruba. Therefore, it considers the trilingual radio station in Nigeria.

Programming of Space FM Ibadan:

Space FM Ibadan broadcasts its programming 24 hours a day. Space FM signs on in the air community news, talk shows, and entertainment programs. It considers as No#1 news, current affairs, and music channel of Nigeria. “Today’s Update/ Traffic Report” is the slogan of this station. The main purpose of Space FM is to run its transmission according to the needs of the listeners.

Space FM 90.1

Famous Shows:

The famous shows of Space FM are Sports Interactive, Eku Ojumo, Today’s Update, Jazz Parade, Jen Witemi, Orotonlo, Sports Tit-Bit, Hardtalk, Isedale Yoruba, Afro beats music, Akagbadun/Music African life, Apala/Sakara/danda kuada, Ariya Unlimited, Barka jimoh, Brainteaser, Commercial belt/Hymns and Songs, Country Music Mix, English News, Evening News, General court on radio, and Gospel Vibes.

Some other programs are Hard Talk, Jazz music, Highlife music, Iroyin Agbegba, Isedale Yoruba, Jazz hour, Jen Wi Temi, Nightclubbing, Prayers and exhortation, Rokeke, Shey you no say, Sponsored Religious Programmes, Soul music, port interactive/Tori tori, Thank God It’s Friday, Today’s Update, Wakati Lyin, Week in review and many more.

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Contact Details:

Physical Address: 136, Liberty Road, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria
Phone: +234 22913494
E-Mail Address:
Official Website: