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Radio Masr El-Gdida has set in the province and the capital Cairo of Country Egypt. It was founded in 2011. This is a state-owned FM radio station that operates at a frequency of 88.7 MHz. The transmission language is Arabic. FM provides a wide range of programs, such as pop, music, sports, talk shows, culture, entertainment, folk, news, and much more. In addition, they can enjoy its live streaming through its official link and mobile apps with an internet connection.

Top Songs of Radio Masr El-Gdida

“Seen men Nas” is a famous song s by Moustafa Amar. Adham Seliman’s famous song is “ya Samra.” Yasmin Niazi sung a famous song named as “Gana al Hawa.” Mafeesh minha by Ramy Gamal. Apart from these, Samira said the song is Mazal, Nancy Ajram’s song is Badan Nwalee El jaw, and Hamza Namira’s song is Dari ay Alby.

Radio Masr El-Gdida 


Amina Adel and Dina Madkour are working here as voice-over artists. Ola Ossama is also acting here as an Arabic voice-over, dubbing, and Radio presenter. Hanan Soliman is one of the radio presenters. Montasser Aamer is a manager at this radio station. Hanan Khalil is dubbing here.

Contact Details

Address: Monte Studio Sound – 28 Street Sheikh Mahmoud Abou Eyes Off-Street Hejaz against the Al Nasr Sports Club
Phone: 1278339670 Fax: 0020225785893
Official Website:

Consider Listening: ERTU البرنامج الثقافي FM 91.5