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Radio Mahatet Masr is an Egyptian radio station that has situated in Cairo – the capital of Egypt. Osama Mounir founded was founded the station on 29th January 2009. However, the superstar Mustafa Amar officially opened it on 8th February 2009. It broadcasts and plays pop, talk shows, Cairo music, sports, culture, society, news, and entertainment. FM offers transmission in the Arabic language. It is working on a frequency of 88.7 MHz on the FM band. Its Motto is “Feel Egypt at radio Mahatet Masr.” It began to broadcast its transmission at 09:00 AM and closes at 06:00 PM. Its app is available on google apps for installation so that people can easily enjoy its programming by downloading the app on their mobiles.

Programs of Radio Mahatet Masr

Curvy, Mosh wahiden haqna, tam marbota, underground, yohkaan, Mn 2000 wa antha talam are the informative programs of this radio station.
Other programs include Cairo Dance Arena, awl MRA Hwa, top 10, garage Mahatet Masr, tarafeh an Manteqh, elbalady yolk, rewind, etnen ala Elhawa, fe ellala land, and an’aam wal an’aam.

Radio Mahatet Masr


Mohammad Anwar, Kareen Abd Elwahab, Islam Farag, Romany Amin, Elhamy Ezzat, Ramy Eldarawy, and Osama Mounir.
The female group of programmers includes Shrouq Hassona, sandy El shawaly, Nahla El prince, Habiba Abd el Hamid, Heba shams Eddin, Alaa El Kobasy, Nour Alaa, Abeer Esawy, Youssra Mokhtar, Myriam Refaat, Sally Azmy, Marotia Essam, and Hana Mokhtar

Contact Details

Address: 16 Samir Mokhtar St., Heliopolis Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +20 2 26902555
Official Website:

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