Radio Miroir Inter


Radio Miroir Inter (RMI) firstly signed on in the air in July 2017 that runs on 97.9MHz frequency. Its frequency runs on the FM band. The studios of this channel set in the lower central plateau, Boucan-Carré, Haiti. Its transmission based on a civic approach. It features values of the Republic, sharing, solidarity, listening as well as living together. This channel is the voice of young people, associations, the inhabitants, clubs, and the whole region.

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Programs of Radio Miroir Inter (RMI) FM 97.9:

The main programs of this station are Spiritual time, ditty, Compass appointment, Compass more, RAP Lakay, French HIP HOP, reggae, Compass love, Moment of Glory, Hello Agro, Zoukoutap, Sunday worship, Engaged Music, Evangelical, Compass weekend, CLOUE CUT Club, Negès lesperans, Live compass, Humor, Latin Music, The 70s (Retro), Club Tropic, and Septan Club. Its team is trying to promote the expression and projects of this channel. So that it developed as an individual.

Radio Caramel Inter

Radio Miroir Inter (RMI) FM 97.9

Contact Details:

Address: Boucan Carré / Department of the center, HAITI
WhatsApp: 50936732994
Contact Number: +509 36 73 2994
Email ID:
Official Website: