Radio RCH 2000 Haiti


Radio RCH 2000 Haiti is a broadcast radio station that broadcasts its transmission on the FM band. It utilizes 96.1 MHz frequency to run its programming. The studios and offices of the station set in Port au Prince, Haiti. It broadcasts news, entertainment, talk shows, a variety of information, and many local productions.
The programs related to productions and information consists of culinary, cultural, current affairs, sports fields, and entertainment. RCH 2000 is also available on the internet for its online streaming. These programs act as a bridge between listeners and music. Listeners can hear its programming in the English and French languages.

Shows of Radio RCH 2000 Haiti:

The most popular programs of RCH 2000 are Odeur Du Terroir, Plage Musicale, Pour Les Enfants, RCH 2000 Focus Matin, RCH Cool, Samedi Des Stars, Semedi En Folie, Tour Du Monde, Variete Hits, Varietes Haitiennes, Varietes Slows, After Shock, Blague Et Retro, Brume Nocturne, Cafe Spirituel, Caliente Latino, Compas Love, Voyage Antillais, and Compas Raison.

RCH 2000 FM 96.1

Some other shows consist of Crecop, Denye Koze, Doux Compas, Espace Maurice Sixto, Haiti Drum Compass, Hits A La Fil Indienne, Hot And Cool Hours, Versions Iinstrumentales, Iinfo 13, Journal Sportif, La Diffusion Des 10 Titres De, La Nostalgie Francaise, Le Grand Journal, Le Point, Le Voyageur, Les Grands Debats, and Meditation Et Priere.

Radio One Haiti 90.1

Contact Details:

Physical Address: 12 Rue Marcadieu Bourdon, Port-au-Prince Haiti, WI
Phone Number: +509 3701 4511
Official Website: