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Radio Al Shams FM 98.1/101 is an Arab minority broadcasting radio station from Nazareth, Israel. It was founded in July 2003. FM works as part of the Second Authority for Radio and Television in Israel. It uses 98.1/101 MHz frequency for on-air transmission on the FM band. The transmission is available in the Arabic language. The radio slogan is “free radio, modern radio.” FM covers all ages of Arab citizens, men, women, and youth. It provides live streaming on the internet. It is also active on social media to update and entertain its audience.

Radio Al Shams FM 98.1/101

Programming of Radio Al Shams FM 98.1/101:

FM presents a wide range of programs that covers many topics and angles of all aspects. The programs include sports, education, culture, news, politics, economics, humorous programs, satirical, health, and entertainment shows. In the news shows it covers weather bulletins, press reports, economic affairs, news interviews, and important record events of Arab citizens. The sports department covers football matches in the various Israel leagues, besides Arab and international sports news. It also broadcast important sports programs on Friday and Saturday. FM designed special shows that cover and promote its culture, social activities, and norms. It presents artistic activities such as cultural conferences, music, theater, and direct transmission of intellectual evenings.


اعمل حسابك, الشمس في اسبوع, المنصة, محاور, صباح الشمس, تعالوا نحكي, يوم جديد, اول خبر, صباح الخير يا بلدي, بيت العيلة, المستشار, في المرمى, ورد وحنة, سيلفي, احنا والشمس جيران, طاولة الجمعة, من ورا الشمس, سهرة حب,مسافر لبعيد,الحصاد الاخباري, الزمن ينعاد, عيادة الشمس, ملفات اليوم, جول.

Coverage Areas:

The radio channel covers the areas of Arab majority and regions at the national level. It covers the areas of the coastal plain, Galilee, Triangle area to Jerusalem, West Bank, some limited areas in Gaza. It also covers some Jordanian cities, especially in Amman and Irbid. Its listening rates in the Arab is 600,000 listeners per day. In addition, FM uploaded audio/video clips, recorded reports, and news to attract and update its listeners. Due to its in-time coverage, it gets unrivaled success.

Contact Details:

Address: Kibbutz Kfar Hachoresh P.O.B: 3194 Nazareth
Phone: +972 – 4 – 6084101/+972 – 4 – 6961274
Official Website:

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