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Radio Emtsa Haderech FM 90.0 is a broadcasting radio station airs live transmission from Netanya, Israel. Initially, it was known as radio Halfway. It works under the supervision of Primary Attorney Eli Orgad. It on-airs its transmission on 90.0 MHz frequency on the FM band. FM offers broadcasting in the Hebrew language. The channel has millions of loyal and regular listeners.

It shows based on updates/information, sports, current affairs, news, entertainment, and music. It also reflects a comprehensive picture of what is happening in the country and around the world. FM covers the broadcasting areas of Netanya, Hadera, Herzliya, Raanana, Kfar Saba, Hod Hasharon, Ramat Hasharon, Zichron, Yaakov, Emek Hefer, and Samaria. It offers live streaming on the internet worldwide and has an active social media presence.


קמה – 6 -7
הבוקר הזה – 9:30 – 7 בערב.
להיטים בשנות התשעים – 9:30 – 12
תשעים יומן – 12 – 14
לעשות אהבה – 14 – 16
אייכל על הדרך – 16 – 18
הרגע האחרון – 18 – 20
אסטרולוגיה – 20 – 22
התקליטן DJ – 22:00

Radio Emtsa Haderech FM 90.0


דרור רפאל, ארז קליימן, נועם עמיר, ניר אייכל, ירון ליבנה

Contact Details:

Address: Hatzoran 4, Netanya, Israel
Phone: 09-8359590
Official Website:

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